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Pirineos Winery

History of Pyreneos Winery

Pyreneeos Winery was founded in 1993 as a result of a project launched in 1964, regional cooperation Sobrarbe Somontano and, like many other existing manufacturers in Somontano, to 220 currently existing manufacturers.

The emphasis in the Aznar and Baldellou family was placed on the tireless work of President José Alberto Mariano Beroz of that Lacoma, always supporting the Government of Aragon.

The creation, development, production and marketing of wines made from varietal grapes has always been the goal of the Pyrenees Winery, which has been established since its inception.


About Pyreneos Winery

Great wine - great team

Pirineos Winery is formed from a team of women and men, largely performing the main work.

Our people are also more than 200 winemakers, members of the cooperative of the Somontano Region, owners of 1000 hectares. vineyards, which account for 95% of our land.

Since 2002, the implementation of multifunctional production has made significant savings, while improving internal communication supports program objectives. Help in solving problems was also affected by more efficient investments.

The team participates in a joint project, marked by the overall quality of all processes. The teamwork, motivation, ability and willingness of all who work in the Bodega Pyrenees made its transformation possible and brought success.

Pirenos Winery is committed to the diversity of wine as a symbol of wealth Somontano. The work is aimed at preserving the heritage of the region with Macabeo and Tempranillo grapes, as well as the development of newer varieties such as European Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Gewurztraminer or Chardonnay.

The company was a pioneer in introducing the latest technologies in all winemaking processes since the production of grapes.

Winery Pyrenees is of great importance in its region.

The success of the winery is the result of the common efforts of the people who work there

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ProdExpo 2019
Our company, together with a partner, the Spanish company Emperica Europa, took part in the exhibition Prodexpo 2019, which is held annually in Moscow.

Igor Larionov's wines of the Triple Overtime series are now available in St. Petersburg

Igor Larionov's wines of the Triple Overtime series are now available in St. Petersburg.

Distributor in St. Petersburg - the company LLC Pluton.



Deliveries of new Triple Overtime wines from legendary hockey player Igor Larionov
The delivery of new Triple Overtime wines from legendary hockey player Igor Larionov has been made. Wines are available in Moscow at the restaurants Larionov Grill Bar. Logistics operator for deliveries to restaurants and shops in Moscow - the company VTK Fort.

Our Trading House Pluton LLC started working

Our company has opened its Trade House in St. Petersburg - LLC Pluton.