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St. Petersburg

Special offer for wine boutiques, restaurants and chain restaurants

Our company offers joint projects for wine boutiques, restaurants and chain restaurants.

Currently, almost all boutiques and restaurants, with rare exceptions, are forced to work only with the assortment of alcoholic beverages that they are offered by Russian distributors. This is not to say that there are few offers, but you have to choose only from the available ones. If you like some kind of wine or other drink that you try in a winery or some international exhibition, then it will most likely be impossible to find it in our country. Russian distributors seek to work only with mass brands, and are not very interested in small deliveries.

For many years of work, our company has worked out the most optimal and economical ways of supplying alcoholic products to the Russian market, both large wholesale lots of goods, and small, as well as consolidated lots (a large range from a large number of manufacturers). There are already enough boutiques, restaurants and chain restaurants among our clients for small and consolidated supplies. We have accumulated sufficient experience in such small but complex deliveries, and we can confidently offer such a service. The absence of intermediate links in the chain of such supplies can significantly reduce the cost of production.

If you have any interest in any products, we can calculate the cost of goods, delivery times, payment schedule. We will negotiate with the manufacturer, we will conclude a contract, we will certify, we will clear the customs and we will bring you the goods at prices previously agreed with you. If this is a product from the manufacturers with which we are already working, then this will make logistics cheaper, since we have already concluded contracts and deliveries.

We also have a large number of offers from manufacturers of high-quality and well-known products that aspire to enter the Russian market, but do not have this opportunity due to the lack of mass demand and, accordingly, the lack of interest of importers and distributors. But we are sure that such really high-quality products may be in demand, and we will be happy to introduce you to these manufacturers and their products.

We will be glad to cooperate, write or call the coordinates indicated on the site.

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ProdExpo 2019
Our company, together with a partner, the Spanish company Emperica Europa, took part in the exhibition Prodexpo 2019, which is held annually in Moscow.

Igor Larionov's wines of the Triple Overtime series are now available in St. Petersburg

Igor Larionov's wines of the Triple Overtime series are now available in St. Petersburg.

Distributor in St. Petersburg - the company LLC Pluton.



Deliveries of new Triple Overtime wines from legendary hockey player Igor Larionov
The delivery of new Triple Overtime wines from legendary hockey player Igor Larionov has been made. Wines are available in Moscow at the restaurants Larionov Grill Bar. Logistics operator for deliveries to restaurants and shops in Moscow - the company VTK Fort.

Our Trading House Pluton LLC started working

Our company has opened its Trade House in St. Petersburg - LLC Pluton.