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Wines of Australia

"Amazing Australian wines are like the sunlight in a bottle."

The first vines in Australia were planted by captain Arthur Philip in 1788 on the territory of present-day Sydney - just a few days after the first settlers landed in a new colony. The vine was brought here from the South African cape of Good Hope. Planting of European grapes began a little later.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Hunter Valley became the first wine-growing region, and the state of New South Wales was the birthplace of Australian wine.

In 1873, for the first time, Australian wine was recognized as the best in its class at an international exhibition in Vienna.

However, the loud glory of Australian wines lasted for a relatively short time. Local demand dictated the need to produce sweet alcoholic wines, and Australian winemakers had a reputation for fortifying wines. Until the 1950s, the Australians made mostly sweet fortified wines - “sherry” and “port wines”.

In 1875, phylloxera reached Australia, although the main wine-growing regions both then and now remain free from its invasion.

The foundations of modern Australian winemaking were laid in the late 50s of the XX century. And only in the last decade of the last century, it became firmly on its feet. If earlier Australia was famous for sweet fortified wines, now its horse is rich, open, fruit varietal wines, the taste of which is often complemented by sweet-vanilla oily notes, which are attached to wine by aging in oak barrels.

Because of its huge size and unique geographical location, Australia has the widest variety of climatic conditions - from subequatorial areas in the north to temperate marine areas in the south. The hot and humid northern parts of the country are replaced by semi-desert tropical central regions, and the southern and south-eastern coasts belong already to the subtropical zone, with a rather pleasant warm climate.

In Australia, almost all the best varieties of France and Germany are grown.

The main red variety is Shiraz, because He is resilient, enduring, high-yielding and tolerates heat well. Shiraz became the absolute star of Australian winemaking. Rich aromas of black berries and dense, enveloping texture of wine with spicy-pepper notes are the visiting card of the Shiraz variety in Australia.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the second most common red variety from which thin red wines are produced. It has a generous blackcurrant taste, and in the best wines it combines a strong structure, reminiscent of Bordeaux, with a rich palette of ripe fruit.

Merlot and Pinot Noir are also grown here.

White Chardonnay is considered very promising today. Chardonnay is so popular that it seems that Australia has become its second homeland. The best examples of Chardonnay are refined, elegant and complex.

The second important variety for the production of quality white wines is Riesling. This variety is widely distributed in Australia, especially in cooler areas.

Unlike Germany, Australia produces mostly dry Riesling, whose character is distinguished by strength and elegance.

One of the main white varieties is Semillon. From it get quite soft dry wines. Top wines should certainly be kept for at least five years, as a result, they acquire an impeccably smooth texture and honey-nut flavors.

Other white grapes are Marsann, Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc.

In Australia, it is customary to call wine by the grape variety of which it is made. Although to ensure excellent taste sensations, Australians go for the blending of grapes not only from different regions, but also varieties.

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Igor Larionov's wines of the Triple Overtime series are now available in St. Petersburg.

Distributor in St. Petersburg - the company LLC Pluton.



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