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The origin of the name of Estampa was nothing but a miracle ...

In Santiago, Chile, one traveling salesman, not far from the central square, was selling various religious pocket images to passersby. Suddenly, he saw that Lady Estampa Carmen took off on her own, and it was wonderful to start flying over the heads of the people. For more than half an hour of random flights, together with a growing crowd of anxious people, it moved from one side of the square to the other, then across the Mapocho River. Until she gracefully landed. To celebrate this extraordinary event in 1794, the Catholic Church was built, at the same place where Estampa landed, and the church was named after Our Lady Carmen's Flying Estampa. Don Manuel González Diegos, a Spanish immigrant and grandfather of the current González, bought a wheat grinding mill located next to the newly founded church and named it Molino Estampa, in honor of the miracle of Estampa. Today, more than a hundred years later, the mill is still in operation, but the last generation of the descendants of Don Manuel, the Gonzalez-Ortis family, has set the business in a modern way. Currently, the family uses international experience in the milling industry. The Gonzalez Ortiz family continues the legacy of their great grandfather with new enthusiasm, again with a technical twist. The family built the first winery in Chile and called it Estampa to preserve the traditions of the family, and to remember, like a miracle, flying Estampa and the vision of the company's founder, Don Manuel Gonzalez Diegos. These visionaries, when combining the history of Estamp with modern technologies of viticulture, guarantee the production of wines of international quality of international quality, marked by a special style of Estampa. This style has already received international recognition, both in prestigious competitions and in the press.









Estampa has more than 400 hectares of vineyards of varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Carmenere, which serve as a base. The vineyards also include the blocks of Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Petit Syrah and Vionie, with the help of which the production and character of the wine is achieved.азой. 





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Winery Estampa has an avant-garde architectural design, which has a technical infrastructure, including the most efficient and modern equipment, a winery with a capacity of 2 million liters of wine stored in American

and French oak barrels, as well as stainless steel tanks with hot and cold double insulation, capable of holding from 5,000 to 50,000 liters. First, the grapes go through two stages of acceptance, at which skilled workers eliminate any points that could undermine the desired quality of the fruit. High-tech laboratories maintains high quality Estamp. Barrels are stored at a given temperature and humidity in controlled underground cellars until the time they reach their optimum maturity.

Quality and Ecology Policy

Bodega Estampa devotes separate attention to the production of world-class wines using the method of winemaking, known as "blending", a combination of two or more wines made from different noble grapes. To achieve this goal, we have committed ourselves to the implementation of an integrated quality management system and the environment, which includes the entire organization in the use of high-quality technological practices and responsible management of resources. In accordance with these commitments, Bodega Estampa established the following fundamental principles in its activities:

- Fulfilling current legal obligations set by the government that apply to our products and procedures.

- To direct all our efforts to achieve complete customer satisfaction, with maximum environmental protection.

- development and promotion of environmental concerns in our company, prevention and minimization of environmental consequences.

- to establish a corporate culture of striving for continuous improvement, both in our environmental activities and in production processes, in order to guarantee and improve the daily quality of our products.

- continuous strengthening of technical competence of the personnel in accordance with the new tasks for the Company.

- periodically review and evaluate environmental aspects and quality management in order to verify the level of implementation of our policy.

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ProdExpo 2019
Our company, together with a partner, the Spanish company Emperica Europa, took part in the exhibition Prodexpo 2019, which is held annually in Moscow.

Igor Larionov's wines of the Triple Overtime series are now available in St. Petersburg

Igor Larionov's wines of the Triple Overtime series are now available in St. Petersburg.

Distributor in St. Petersburg - the company LLC Pluton.



Deliveries of new Triple Overtime wines from legendary hockey player Igor Larionov
The delivery of new Triple Overtime wines from legendary hockey player Igor Larionov has been made. Wines are available in Moscow at the restaurants Larionov Grill Bar. Logistics operator for deliveries to restaurants and shops in Moscow - the company VTK Fort.

Our Trading House Pluton LLC started working

Our company has opened its Trade House in St. Petersburg - LLC Pluton.